What Are The Rules? • The 5 Laws of Soccer Explained

Once you are playing the game it is very important to know all the specific rules of the game, you must know and familiarize it all because those are the most important factors to know in playing any kinds of games. There many specific rules and laws of soccer game and you can find it all online or in the book intended for the soccer players and enthusiast. You will have all the right information online and it is very easy to find.


Here are some laws of the soccer game, first is the field that they are going to use for the match, the field must be flat with a fine grass the color must be green to be specific. The shape of the field must be rectangular compose of two bases on both sides. The ball must be round in shape with the size of 27 or 28 circumferential size. The number of players, the team must be compose of eleven players for both teams the goal keeper is included in that number of players.

The players equipment, it is very important for all the players to wear proper uniform for the game, they are require to wear their specific jerseys, short, soccer shoes, guards and also socks and you can buy it from. Then game must have a referee that is very important for the game and assistant referees are needed too.

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