4 Soccer Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Although you may know the rules of soccer, I have some facts for you that might make you think twice about your level of knowledge about the game.

This sport has certainly enraptured the hearts of many fans around the world, often resulting to bloody brawls and rumbles in city streets.

Fans cannot get enough of their favorite star players, dedicating their time and money to fly all over just to follow their team.


Here are some facts that will fortify your love for the game.

1. A single soccer player runs about 7 miles during an entire game.

I don’t even go 7 miles in my whole day. That only makes me realize how much time and dedication each soccer player puts in a game. Imagine running that much and still keep your concentration in putting the ball in the goal. Makes you just want to aim to be a goalkeeper, huh?


Last week having a short conversation with one of my best buddy from information technology field. He now is one of the best sales technician in a big media organization. He has a feel of that the work to be the the best in his niche is as tough as training a professional soccer player. Always takes a long time to be mature.

2. The first bicycle kick was performed in 1914 at El Morro Stadium in Chile.

The legendary and beautiful bicycle kick was born in this historic moment.


3. The first goal scored directly from a corner kick was in 1924.

This is also known as an olympian kick, and is quite the game changer in today’s matches. Players often aim for this kick, because of how the goalkeeper can be blindsided by it.

4. The first live coverage of a soccer match was shown in 1937.

This was certainly the birth of hardcore soccer fans in the world. The start of waking up in the early hours of the morning to catch their team.

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