6 Need-To-Know Soccer Rules

The World Cup isĀ an international soccer tournament held every four years. I’ve watched many people go crazy for this game. Waking up in the wee hours of the morning watching their favorite teams play.

Some people just don’t understand why fans do that. Well, to let you in on the game, we’ll give you some rules of the game to know.


1. The match duration consists of two 45-minute plays.

However, the referee has the right to add time when there are injuries involved or time wasted. If there is a tie, some games go to an extra time. That’s two 15-minute periods. If there is still a tie, a shootout happens.

2. A hard fowl results to a yellow card.

And a very hard fowl that results in serious repercussions results to a red card, that means complete ejection. Two yellow cards also give the same result.

3. No player can touch the ball with his hands.

Except for the goalkeeper.


4. A foul gives the victimized team a chance to shoot the ball without any obstructions.

Sometimes the player can’t shoot the ball, making the shot an indirect free kick.

5. If a player is fouled in the opposing penalty area, a free shot at the opposing goalkeeper is given.

This is called a penalty kick.

6. When a player is passed the ball by a teammate with fewer than two opponents, he is given a free kick.

This is called an offside, and it’s what makes soccer very challenging.

So, there you have it, 6 rules for soccer.

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